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Why is FXCM changing its forex pricing model


FXCM’s new forex pricing model is the next evolution of No Dealing Desk execution. No Dealing Desk execution is designed to bring fairness and transparency to forex execution. We no longer add a markup to the spreads. You can now trade on the spreads that come directly from our liquidity providers. FXCM is now compensated by a low, competitive commission per 1K lot, which lowers transaction costs and increases transparency. We feel this provides the best forex trading experience.

As always, No Dealing Desk execution continues to offer no re-quotes , no restrictions on stop or limit placement, anonymous order execution, and the ability to earn price improvements on all order types. But our new and improved pricing also opens the door for more trading opportunities—especially in lower-volatility markets.

• Scalpers: Lower spreads means lower transaction costs—the market doesn’t have to move as far in your favor before you can start earning profit.

• Range Traders: Stop- and limit-order execution can improve as spreads narrow. Tighter spreads means the market doesn’t have to move as far to hit your limit, while having to move further to hit your stop.