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Dr.Web Katana offline installer download full free latest version 2018

Dr.Web Katana offline installer download full free latest version 2018

Dr.Web Katana includes a fixed of subsequent-technology Dr.Web anti-virus technology this is designed to offer superior safety. It will defend your laptop from threats that your anti-virus can not but understand. Dr.Web Katana video display units malware hobby inside methods in order that tries to scouse borrow exclusive statistics or switch cash out of your account can be averted in a well timed way!

Dr.Web Katana
Dr.Web Katana

A non-signature anti-virus presenting preventive safety towards the brand new energetic threats, centered assaults, and tries by way of Trojans and exploits to apply vulnerabilities, consisting of 0-day ones, to penetrate structures. Traditional behavioural analysers reveal the requests malicious packages make of diverse device sources. But what if a computer virus, having infiltrated the browser, makes no requests of the gadget and actually modifies, as an example, the display screen you operate to have interaction together with your financial institution?

Dr.Web Katana Features:

All-seeing — neutralises threats which might be absolutely new and no longer but acknowledged for your anti-virus.

Invisible - Dr.Web Katana neutralises the movements of lively malware applications with out overloading the device.

Lightening-like — analyses the behaviour of every hazard in actual time and right away neutralises dangerous scripts and approaches that your anti-virus didn’t manipulate to realize.

Independent — does no longer require any configuration and begins running efficiently as quickly because it’s set up.

Flexible — a fixed of pre-hooked up safety scripts and the opportunity of first-class tuning make it feasible to completely manage the safety technique, even as adapting it to the wishes of the consumer.

Offline — protects the gadget despite the fact that a PC isn't always linked to the Internet .

Universal — protects a extensive variety of Windows OS

Conflict-unfastened — can function together with different anti-viruses to beautify the safety of your laptop.